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About Us

About US

Harry Pena Founder of Life Impacters Foundation (LIF)

A locally renowned 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with expertise in advocating for and assisting economically disadvantaged individuals within underserved communities, Pena discovered himself back in his original neighborhood after spending decades in prison. Here, he personally confronted the very challenges that most individuals face upon release from incarceration. It became evident to him that there was a significant absence of sustained support and guidance for those who had learned from their past mistakes and genuinely aspired to alter the trajectory of their lives. Drawing upon his personal journey and his fervent desire to assist others confronting similar obstacles, the Life Impacters Foundation (LIF) was established.

Pena is acutely aware that the concept of offender "re-entry" is gaining prominence within the corrections realm—an overdue revolution. Re-entry entails the process by which incarcerated individuals reintegrate into society following a period of confinement in a prison, jail, or detention facility.

However, it signifies more than merely "releasing" them; it implies that offenders are not adequately prepared for release. It underscores that their circumstances upon release are no better than when they first entered the correctional system.

Pena emphasizes, "Countless individuals are sent to correctional facilities on a daily basis. Yet, upon completing their sentences, they encounter a multitude of challenges as they regain their freedom. These challenges encompass, but are not limited to, securing housing, obtaining identification, finding employment, and grappling with substance abuse issues. Regrettably, many former prisoners revert to their prior criminal lifestyles upon release."

To counteract this troubling trend, while individuals are still incarcerated, staff members develop comprehensive, realistic, and long term re-entry programs to facilitate their successful return to society.

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Yolanda Pena Co-Founder of Life Impacters (LIF) & Program Director

Our Team

We take pride in our team, as it is exclusively composed of individuals who call the community home, fostering a deep connection that enables us to tailor our services to the specific needs and values of the people we are honored to serve.

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