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Housing Services

Housin Services

After securing housing, LIF's referred clinical teams extend vital support and counseling services to foster stability and ensure the maintenance of housing. The program closely monitors and guides clients one-on-one, emphasizing self-sufficiency and the ultimate goal of maintaining permanent housing. In a collaborative effort with local churches and organizations, LIF strives to combat and ultimately eradicate homelessness.


They provide a comprehensive range of support services, including eviction prevention, emergency aid, transitional housing, and access to permanent, affordable housing. LIF's commitment extends to homeless individuals of all demographics, including youth and families with children. Their unwavering dedication persists until these individuals achieve self-sufficiency, underscoring their steadfast resolve to end homelessness in the community.


Life Impacters Foundation's Housing Readiness Program was born out of a pressing need driven by the scarcity of affordable housing in Chicago's Cook County. This program represents a beacon of hope for individuals ready to take the crucial step towards escaping homelessness. It equips them with the necessary skills and resources to become housing-ready, offering valuable referrals and placement assistance.


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