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Violence Prevention

Youth Resources

The Life Impacters Foundation's Youth program is a comprehensive framework crafted to enhance the safety and well-being of young individuals. It not only addresses their fundamental survival requirements


 but also offers secure and steady housing, educational and employment support, and imparts the essential life skills needed for self-sufficiency. Central to this program is a service delivery approach founded on assessment and personalized case management.

Program Methods

Emergency Shelter/Interim Housing (ES) Referral: Emergency/Interim Housing programs supply temporary housing and round-the-clock services for homeless youth, extending up to 120 days. Their primary objective is to guarantee the satisfaction of basic safety, survival, and immediate needs. Additionally, these programs work towards reuniting youth with their families when possible or facilitating the transition from homelessness to self-sufficient living.


Outreach (OR): Outreach initiatives aim to identify homeless youth, ensuring the fulfillment of their fundamental safety and immediate needs. These programs also strive, when feasible, to offer case management and other services that guide youth towards making healthy lifestyle choices.

Additional Support

  • Emergency Services (Food, Clothing, etc.) 

  • Emergency Shelter

  • Interim Housing

  • Transitional Housing

  • Assessment

  • Case Management

  • Family Reunification Services

  • Advocacy

  • Life Skills Training

  • Education

  • Job Services

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